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more than a fitness company.

FitELITE is not just a place you go ... it's a lifestyle. We've created a place where you can focus on yourself and work with our coaches to develop skills that will enable you to be the best you can be.

We're a community: a collection of people from different areas of life that work together, sweat together, laugh and joke together, and support each other. You won’t see people with headphones on checking themselves out in the mirror. Instead, you'll see people offering each other encouragement and high fives!

We believe in our core values: integrity, hard work, quality, education, and most importantly, relationships with our company. People are attracted to FitELITE because we care about each individual. Everyone has different needs, wants and goals. We take the time to know what that is for each person and work to give them tools to meet those goals.

We always strive for the best. We challenge ourselves to explore better ways to deliver our message and our service, which leads to results for our athletes.

It's vital we stay true to our beliefs about the importance of our mission to truly care for people, so that we can deliver our best every day and be excited to do it again tomorrow.

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We offer a complimentary session to meet with our coach and talk about an individual's goals, obstacles and motivators. We also offer an InBody Scan (body composition analysis) and movement assessment.

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