Make Friends Like a 2-Year Old

EVERY class we have starts with the coach creating a circle with all of the participants and asking a brief introductory question.

Strength & Fitness
No Commitment Issues

Pick an important aspect in your life, commit to it, and see what happens.

Why Kickstart? Not your average "New and Improved Challenge"

At FitELITE we run a 6-Week Kickstart “challenge” because it provides a laser focused time frame to build life long healthy habits.

Win The Day

The atmosphere at 5 am in FitELITE was electric with energy...something we all need in our world to create change.

Strength & Fitness
The Foundation of a Successful Workout Plan

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fitness, there are a few principles that will help anyone achieve real results.

Strength & Fitness
Step Off the Scale

What is more important: How you look and how you feel, or a number that pops up when you step on the scale?

The Comparison Game

We compare jobs, homes, vehicles, kids, abilities and even values. We constantly put ourselves up against those around us instead of going…

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