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Our coaches are highly educated with a focus on helping you become the best version of yourself.  Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, to work on your nutrition or to address lifestyle issues like stress, sleep, and time management ... our coaches are equipped to guide you along the way.

Dave Hildebrandt

Founder + Lead Coach + TRAINER

I'm blessed to be surrounded by an awesome team of coaches who truly care for our athletes and push each other to be better. As a team, we get to make better humans daily!

The aspect of coaching I enjoy most is noticing the little changes which result in a massive positive difference in people's lives. People can walk through the doors timid and nervous, but over time you can see them oozing with self-confidence and a positive glow because of the hard work and dedication they have shown to their bodies. 

"What you give ... you keep forever. What you keep is lost for all time." - Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

NSCA-CPT, CrossFit L1 & L2, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Mobility, M.S. School Counseling, B.S. Kinesiology

Shane Beck

Co-Owner + Coach + TRAINER

My role at FitELITE makes me feel more fulfilled and happier than I could have imagine, which I believe has made me a better husband, father and friend.

The aspect I enjoy most is working to make sure every person feels appreciated, supported and a part of the community. I care about their lives outside of the gym as much as I care about the time they spend inside the gym. I also thoroughly enjoy every second I spend at the gym, but I know it’s important to have a life outside of it. I work to dedicate myself to my family as much as possible. With three active boys, I want to provide them with all the fun and memories my parents provided for me,  and more!

“Good is the enemy of great.” - Jim Collins

CrossFit L1 & L2, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit Mobility, Invictus Athlete Camp, Pendlay Weightlifting, Carl Paoli Freestyle Movement, B.B.A. Accounting & Finance



Being able to create a safe and uplifting environment for individuals to walk in and get their physical movement in, is a way I can give what was given to me. Which is a positive experience and relationship with movement!

I find it really fulfilling to be able to meet individuals wherever they are at. Supporting them through encouragement, correcting movement, or having a chat about life.

I understand that everyone has their reason “Why” they come into the gym, and I’m so grateful I get a chance to hear their story and support them in their lifestyle changes!

NASM-CPT, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, CrossFit L1, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach


Coach + Trainer

I coach because of the joy that fitness brings to people. Seeing someone accomplish a goal that they have had for a long time and seeing the reaction they have from that sense of accomplishment is what fuels me to come in everyday and give my best. I know when I walk through FitELITE's doors that I am able to give someone the best hour of their day, which will improve all the other areas of their life.

ACSM-CPT, CrossFit L1, USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach


Coach + Trainer

Coaching at FitELITE has granted me the many opportunities I have before me today. I enjoy coaching because of the impact I get to lead in others and how it has helped me grow as an individual. The part of my job I like seeing the most is the movement or abilities people have click when they are working. Seeing that light flip for people and the idea that they can accomplish the task makes the job that much better!

CrossFit L1



Self growth and helping others grow is what motivates me most. Coaching at FitElite is an outlet for me to positively impact others’ health and wellness, in addition to keeping me accountable to my own fitness journey. My favorite part about coaching is modifying movements and programming to align with each member’s long term goals and specific goals for that day.

I also love to shout across the gym to say hellos & see you laters to anyone crossing through our doors! I always want them to know that they are seen and valued!

CrossFit L1, USAW L1 Sports Performance Coach



My fitness experience began at a young age when I enrolled in gymnastics at the local YMCA. I spent 14 years as a gymnast, 8 of those years competitive, while also participating in cross country and track in high school. I spent 4 years coaching gymnastics as well after I retired from the sport. It wasn’t until I went to college that I began to dive into the world of CrossFit and functional fitness! I spent my first two years of college in Minnesota until I decided to move back to Eau Claire which is when I began here at FitELITE. I was given the amazing opportunity to join the coaching team and go through the EVOLVE program in 2020 and began coaching in June 2021.

The reason I began a coach is because I love to see people gain confidence in themselves. Not only in the gym but in their everyday lives as well. Whether it be someone new to this style of working out or an experienced athlete finally obtaining their goal! Coaching at FitELITE has given me the opportunity to connect with members, make friends, and see people grow into the most confident versions of themselves!



FitELITE has molded me into the current version of myself. I started out as a member walking through the doors not knowing anyone in Eau Claire, let alone this gym. I had the intention of improving my fitness & making friends. Through consistent attendance at classes, incremental improvements from advice given by coaches, and getting out of my comfort zone, FitELITE delivered on both of those goals.

After 4 years as a member, I decided it was time I give back to the FitELITE Community what it had given to me. I jumped into the Evolve Coaching Program and have been a coach since June 2021.I coach because I love helping others unlock the next version of themselves. I enjoy getting to know members by understanding their motivations & goals versus where they presently are on that journey. Community is key to me. I believe in doing what I can to lift others up, so that they can do the same for others in the future.

While I am a part-time coach at FitELITE, my full-time profession is as a civil engineer for the State of Wisconsin.

CrossFit Level 1, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

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