FE60 is our 60 minute group class featuring high intensity training at its best. You'll be lead by our experienced coaches as you work to burn fat and get toned with our workouts combining functional movements.

Our workouts include cardio, gymnastics, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, good music and high fives. With options for everyone from those new to fitness, to seasoned athletes, FE60 is an all inclusive, fun, and supportive experience.

Every day offers something new, so get ready for an amazing ride!

FitELITE One-On-One Private Coaching

If you are looking for individualized and private one-on-one training or small group training, any of our coaches are available to help. Our coaches will work with you on your nutrition and will develop a program to help you meet your fitness goals. Contact one of our coaches today to set up a consultation and begin working toward becoming a healthier you.

FitELITE on the Street

FitELITE on the Street is an online daily fitness program designed for people looking to get as fit as possible while juggling a busy schedule.

With the workout anywhere structure, the workouts are designed to be convenient, flexible, and EFFECTIVE. Whether you're at your gym, in your house or on the road, you can stay CONSISTENT with FitELITE on the Street.

The daily program includes  warm-up, strength and workout components to help you make the most of your time to gain lean muscle and shed unwanted fat. As a bonus, the FitELITE on the Street program includes 5 days of mobility tools through a partnership the The Ready State.

Inside our App, you have access to all your workouts along with a great social platform. Give fist bumps and leave comments for other Street FitELITErs. This is a great way to connect, engage and support other like minded people and keep yourself motivated and inspired.

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The best way to find out if we're the best fit for you is to set up an introductory session. This is a chance for us to learn more about you and your goals, talk about our coaching programs, and find the best fit for your individual goals.

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