Our Team

We believe that the best way to help people achieve their ideal lifestyle is by caring about each of our members and clients through quality coaching and our ability to build strong relationships.

Our Mission

We believe in positively impacting individuals’ bodies and minds to help them achieve their individual lifestyle.

Our Vision

We believe in being more than a fitness company. We are a lifestyle where you can focus on developing skills to become the best person you desire to be. We value integrity, hard work, quality, education, and most importantly, relationships with our company. We believe in always striving for the best and challenging ourselves to explore better ways to deliver our service and drive results.


The FitELITE Team is passionate about helping every person reach their health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Every person has obstacles stopping them from achieving their goals. We have developed a proven system to attack those obstacles and create healthy habits. We provide the education, tools and accountability to be successful in one’s journey toward their ideal lifestyle.

What is FitELITE?

FitELITE is so much more than a gym. It is a community, a collection of people from different areas of life that work together, sweat together, laugh and joke together, and support each other.

Open Positions

Personal Trainer (10-40 hours/week)

Title: Personal Trainer
Time Expectation: 10-40 hours per week
Supervisor: General Manager
Location: Eau Claire, WI

Role Description

The right person for this position will help in our desire to impact as many people as possible to achieve their ideal lifestyle. You will take people from many different background, experience and confidence levels and work with them to find a solution to their needs. You will work with clients to help them understand and set their goals, obstacles and motivators. This requires you to be compassionate, empathetic, encouraging, motivating and engaging.

Your responsibilities include cultivating client relationships, educating clients on the equipment and fitness programs we offer, engaging members and helping foster a fun, energetic, engaging and non-threatening environment for people to work toward their goals.  

You will be part of a team that values hard work, integrity, loyalty, compassion and humility. We strive to WOW through service and experience without sacrificing quality. We do not compromise standards and do not take short cuts. The entire FitELITE team believes in pursuing excellence personally and professionally and is focused on building a positive team and family spirit.


  • 10-30 Hours of 1-on-1 or small group training.
  • 5-10 Hours of member orientations
  • Communicate and demonstrate how to carry out various exercises and routines.
  • Monitor movement to help correct improper techniques, minimize injury and improve fitness.
  • Develop programs to help your clients achieve their goals.
  • Mentor clients’ progress and adapt programs accordingly.
  • Assist clients in areas of health, fitness and lifestyle.
  • Promote organizational events and promotions.
  • Be a brand ambassador for FitELITE and its related companies.
  • Assist the Team with various events.
  • Communicate feedback and findings to General Manager for continued business improvement.
  • Interact on social media in a way the aligns with our team values and vision.

Skills & Requirements

  • Training/Coaching - Exude confidence and instruct proper movement for each client. Be professional at all times, but have fun. Be humble and focus on the little things. Demonstrate expertise while staying humble. Maintain a clean and orderly facility to maximize the client experience and maintain safety.
  • Communication - Be able to listen before talking. Express empathy and understanding. Be able to communicate in a clear, concise, friendly and confident manner. “People may not remember what you told them, but they’ll remember how you made them feel.”
  • Client Service - Arrive early for every session. Be prepared with your plan for the day and equipment ready. You must be well groomed and in designated work apparel. Be organized, self motivated, passionate, empathetic, people oriented and caring.
  • Business - Be able to analyze, troubleshoot, prioritize and think critically about tasks. Have a basic understanding of computers including social media. Believe in and represent FitELITE’s mission and vision. Follow the team’s policies, procedures and guidelines.

Experience & Education

  • Current CPR/AED Certification
  • Personally trainer certification from an accredited program.
  • Experience running a business, group or team. Experience being part of a team. Experience coaching or personal training.

Training & Support

  • Prior to training a client or group of clients you will complete in depth training on FitELITE and its related companies.  This will include policies and procedures as they relate to client relations and managing a client.
  • Participation in all or part of FitELITE’s Professional Coaches Development Program to understand the philosophy and culture of FitELITE and its related companies. This includes training on basic movements, group management and other aspects related to becoming a world class coach and trainer.

Team Benefits

  • Continuing education development.
  • Service and merchandise discounts.
  • Apparel for training and coaching.

Application Instructions

Email cover letter, resume, social media profiles and responses to the questions below with the subject line “PERSONAL TRAINER - YOUR NAME”

  1. ‍Why do you want to work at FitELITE and its related companies?
  2. Why would someone want you to be his or her trainer or coach?
  3. What are your career interest, and short-term (1-3 years) and long-term (5 years) goals?
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