Strength & Fitness

Build Credit With Yourself

We tell ourselves we are going to get our workout in but when that alarm goes off we hit snooze, make an excuse, and skip. 

And those days when work is overwhelming, the To-Do list seems to grow by the minute, you tell yourself you just have to finish one more project, and then you will get a good nights sleep like you promised yourself you would.... but it runs long and you make the choice to just finish. Only to wake up the next morning running on low sleep.. again.

Maybe you’ve gotten caught up in caring for your kiddos, someone’s jersey still needs to be washed, you have to pick up the house, and the dishes are behind. In order to finish it all you decided to skip prepping your lunch for work tomorrow and default to fast food when the time comes.

Have you ever said “ I’ll meal prep on Sunday!” But then events with friends or family come up and you choose to skip your meal prep? 

These are all situations where you are losing credibility with yourself.

And if you’re like me and any of these examples resonated with you, 

you might be feeling a little defeated in reading them.

But that is not my intent. I’m here to encourage you to take note and decide to make a change. I am here to remind you that YOU need to SHOW UP for YOU.

Those promises that you keep making and breaking to yourself are destroying your self confidence and ability to have the high quality life you desire.

So let’s get to work.

It’s is time to start building credit with yourself.

If keeping the promises you make, whether it be in fitness or your career, is a struggle for you I want to encourage you to start today and make one small promise that you know without a doubt you can keep... and then keep it! 

When you’re done with that, do it AGAIN!

Because if you can’t show up for you, how do you think you will be show up for the important people and events that are and will be in your life.... 

I believe with all my heart that if you build up you, keep your promises that you make to yourself, your world will flourish.

So just start... What is your one promise that you are going to make and keep today?