Climbing Mountains

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.” - Najwa Zabia

Obstacles in life are inevitable. These obstacles are almost always out of your control.

Time, work, family, injury, illness, job changes, death, pandemic…

Too often we carry these obstacles around with us. We dwell on them. We dwell on the impact it has on our life. We dwell on how unfair they are.

We make mountains out of our obstacles and carry them around with us. They become our excuses (we call them reasons) for why we are not achieving.

It’s easy to do...I mean with such big obstacles, how could anyone overcome them?

As Najwa Zabia wrote in such simple words, these mountains are not meant to be carried with us everywhere we go. We are meant to climb them.

The way we react to obstacles is the only way we can get the outcome we want in life.

But here’s the secret. Here is what some people know...not only must we climb the mountains, we need to find the reward in the climb.

The climb is the thrill. The work to overcome obstacles is the excitement. When you get to the peak you feel fulfilled. Not because it is the end of the journey, but because of the work it took to get there.

Think about a time you overcame an obstacle. How did it feel? Was it because you succeeded or was it because you reflected on the journey?

Most people won’t do the work because it is easier to carry the mountains and have excuses.

So, who are you? Do you carry your mountains or do you look forward to climbing every mountain you see?

If you need help with an obstacle, shoot me a message. I’m always happy to help any way I can.

~ Coach Shane

Shane Beck

Co-Owner + Coach + TRAINER