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Back in April of this year, we were all in our households locked down not knowing when our lives would get back to some normalcy. Much like all of you reading this, I looked for ways to deal with the level of uncertainty of our daily lives. 

Many of us had to make many pivots in our lives while dealing with the COVID-19 “Stay At Home” order. Granted some businesses were deemed essential while others were not. Even those businesses deemed essential had many areas of their lives changing by the minute.

The reason I bring this up is we all are given the same 24 hours each day to make decisions about how we would deal with levels of uncertainty. I, for one, have leaned on fitness for much of my life to help guide me through uncertainty to weather the “so called” storms in my journey. This COVID situation would be no different.

We have all learned how to continually keep our immune systems strong through the likes of exercise and nutrition to be atop the mountain to combat COVID and other not so fortunate viruses or sickness.

I wanted to bring a positive and fun lift to not only me but for some of my private training clients and test the waters on a product called MyZone. Our very own, and long term OG, Caitlyn Spickler, brought this to both Shane’s and my attention probably more than a year ago.

So, the journey began, and it has been amazing! The MyZone company figured a way to gamify and educate people through the likes of heart rate. In the midst of your workouts, you are able to see realtime your current heart rate, percentage heart rate, calories burned, through a “tile” on their app by color (see example below).

For me being in the industry for a long time, I love this because it is a way to show myself and others real time results which is a major factor why we all workout....”Look Good, Feel Good!”

Along with the real time results, you can gamify your effort through MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) for yourself and the rest of the FitELITE Family through Challenges (coming in the very near 

future). At a very deep level, each of us likes a challenge which puts us on a path to better mental fortitude, success for both short and long term goals, and overall a happier more fulfilling life. 

Reflect on change for a minute. Change is not so easy to go through which many of us fight through many, many times throughout our lives; however; I’ll bet nine times out of ten or ten out of ten there are many great things that have come through those challenges.

As a company and what I like to call “Change Agent”, the team at FitELITE is excited to bring Myzone to our Fit Family and continue the journey to being the best we can be -- which is to live our best lives.

Team FitELITE looks forward to a fun, rewarding finish to this year of 2020 and an even better 2021 for our current Fit Family and those who look to join the family and create amazing-positive change in their lives! 

I leave you with this amazing quote by Mr. John C. Maxwell....

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

Dave Hildebrandt

Founder + Lead Coach + TRAINER