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Happiness in Gratitude

Whether you believe it or not happiness is something that is completely in your control.

You can choose to be happy but it all depends on how you talk to yourself and finding past experiences that have given you a smile or a laugh. You can call these past experiences our happiness triggers. Something you can think about even when things have not gone well for you during a particular day that will light you up inside and bring out that smile changing your whole day around for you rather than continuing to dwell on all of the bad that has happened in that day. 

Another way you can find happiness is thinking about the small things that have happened in your day. For instance you waking up to your dog laying right next to you, or you getting the time to read a book or watch a show that you really have been enjoying lately. An even better way to brighten your day and someone else’s is doing something nice for a random person or someone you know very well. Nothing in this world compares to bringing a smile to someone else’s face and sharing joy. 

I have a challenge for: go out into the world and make someone’s day today whether it's your best friend or someone you have never met before. Just a simple gesture will be able to make a world of difference in someone’s life!  Or write down 2-3 past experiences that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face or a little laugh.


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