Make Friends Like a 2-Year Old

ALRIGHT EVERYBODY...Let’s bring it in.

If you have been to any fitness class at FitELITE you know what we are talking about.  

For those who haven’t, EVERY class we have starts with the coach creating a circle with all of the participants and asking a brief introductory question.

What was your favorite cereal as a kid?

Sprinkles or no sprinkles on your doughnut?

What is a hobby you have outside of the gym?

If you were a dog, what would your name be?

My name is Jeremy and my favorite cereal was cinnamon toast crunch.

My name is Jeremy and sprinkles all the way.

My name is Jeremy and my wife and I love to go camping.

You get the picture.  Doing this every single day provides some good laughs, helps build relationships inside of the gym and over time you get to know a TON about your workout buddies.

Most people want to be a part of something.  Most people want to connect with others.  Most people want to have personal relationships with others that share similar interests.  

As children, this came much more natural.  I have a 2 year old daughter that makes friends with everyone she meets.  Why?  She says Hi to every single person she sees.  As adults, we start to build natural barriers for many potential reasons.  Maybe it’s being too busy, or being self conscious or the internal fear of being rejected that keeps us from learning more about those around us.

Imagine how it would feel to learn something new everyday about someone?  Even if it’s that their name would be Sir Shaggy if they were a golden retriever...  

For many the question of the day turns into building lifelong friendships, that otherwise may not have formed.  Channel your inner toddler and connect with some today!

Coach Jeremy Huisheere