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I’ve had the great blessing to sit down with many many amazing people through the years and discuss goals….through the likes of fitness, lifestyle, and health-related topics.

Outside the generalization of wanting to lose weight to look and feel better, I find the majority have other very important intrinsic goals that help guide one to success. 

Before I discuss further regarding other intrinsic goals lets first define so we’re all on the same page with the meaning of intrinsic goals!

According to lifehack.org, intrinsic goals are defined by goals that relate to yourself, your personal growth, health, and relationships with yourself and others.

Let’s focus on the latter portion to the definition where it discusses the relationship with others.

For those reading this and do not have children but may someday...please read on...and to those who have children, this will be another great reminder why you do what you do each day to improve yourself on and off the fitness floor.

Okay, back to intrinsic goals and relationships with others. One of the more important intrinsic goals I have repeatedly listened to individuals discuss through the years is in regard to being a better person for family...particularly their children.

If this is, in fact, a very powerful intrinsic goal of yours...it is time to bring it right back to the forefront so you can be mindful and aware why you do what you do...especially on those days, it is challenging mentally, physically and emotionally to do so.

Personally, myself, and I know other coaches feel this as well...it LIGHTS me up inside to see parents who either bring their children in by default or because they’re looking to enhance their children’s lives through empowering them at such a young age with fitness….essentially building it in as a lifestyle at an early age 😄.

The picture in the heading of this post is my daughter Elliana modeling her Mom and Dad with a barbell strict press. 

Have you ever been able to catch a photo of your young one’s modeling an exercise you have been doing? If so, post it and let us know how this has impacted you?

Lastly, keep setting those intrinsic goals and keep them in front of you as they lead to more happiness, better self-esteem, and overall well-being in your life.

Dave Hildebrandt

Founder + Lead Coach + TRAINER