Snack Hack

I like snacks.

There, I said it! I like snacks.

In particular, I like snacks in the small window between my kids going to bed and my wife and me settling into bed.

This is not a big window - maybe only 30 minutes, but my brain immediately goes to the need for a snack before I go to bed.

This is a habit I’ve created over years.

Like a lot of years.

As in decades…

These bedtime snacks don’t serve me. They don’t move me closer to my goals.

In fact, it’s the opposite. My bedtime snacks usually push me away from my goals. 

I want to be a fit and healthy dad and husband who can enjoy an active life with my family for as long as possible.

So, the question I have to ask myself is how is this bedtime snack habit serving me? What benefit do I receive from it?

It does offer me a benefit. I’ve realized this a way I relax and unwind before bed. I need to do that.

However, the unhealthy snacks I would often turn to (cookies, granola bars, cereal…) don’t move me toward my goal of being a healthy and fit dad. It doesn’t lead to a long and active life.

How do I get the benefit of the comfort I receive from my bedtime snack AND move toward my long-term goal?

For me, it’s come down to a couple of things. In all reality, I want to stop snacking before bed. As I work toward that, I’ve installed a little snack hack!

I don’t want fruits or veggies before bed.

Nope! I want cookies! So, I’ve added healthier options at snack time. Snacks like Peanut Butter Quest Cookies have been AMAZING!

It satisfies my sweet tooth while offering more protein and A LOT less sugar.

This has been a huge help with my snacking at night, and has helped me feel better and improve my body composition. This isn’t the only option...I may do a ONE bar or Built Bar. The idea remains the same...find a healthier option the still provides the benefit of my bedtime snack with fewer detriments to my overall goals.

Of course, my next step is to cut down the snacking at night and work through another way to unwind before bed. A habit that serves me better.

As I work through that habit formation, this snack hack has been a lifesaver!

Now, I know I said there were a couple of things I’ve been working on to make this change. Next week, I’ll talk about how I’ve adjusted my eating to fit my schedule and my lifestyle. An how that’s helped me shed body fat and gain a little muscle along the way!

Shane Beck

Co-Owner + Coach + TRAINER