Subtraction By Addition

For many of us, fitness and nutrition are about what we look like and how we feel. 

We have countless people entering FitELITE with the intention of losing weight. Many people have tried diets, that haven’t worked. That leads to frustration. (Check out The FitELITE Podcast Episode 9 where we talk about the difference between a diet and a lifestyle.)


Well, I want to get this out of the way first...there is no perfect diet that fits all people. We are all different. We have different needs, different DNA, different social and cultural backgrounds, and different experiences. I’ll save that discussion for a different day.

One main reason people don’t find success with many diets or nutrition plans is the focus on restriction. The focus becomes on what you can’t have and what you should have in place of your normal food.

What if I told you that you could see significant change by adding food?

Eating isn't just about taking away the “bad stuff”. It’s primarily about adding more good stuff.

What a relief!

Here you go...add more whole, unprocessed foods.

Really, it’s that simple!

Whole foods are foods that:

  • You can recognize what they once were.
  • They don’t come packaged.
  • They don’t have ingredient labels.
  • There are minimum steps to get to you.
  • They tend to go bad relatively quickly.

Notice I didn’t say, eat only whole foods...just add more!

Adding before subtracting has many benefits!

  • You don’t feel restricted or deprived.
  • You improve the quality of your overall nutrient intake.
  • You start getting the appropriate amounts of nutrients.
  • You start absorbing and using the nutrients better.
  • You are able to listen to your hunger and fullness cues better.
  • You’ll naturally start to eliminate the processed foods because they get crowded out by whole foods.

So, you want to make a change, but you’re tired of all the restrictions. Start adding more whole food to your meals and you’ll see some pretty amazing changes!

Shane Beck

Co-Owner + Coach + TRAINER