Surroundings Sabotage

What if I told you simply changing what you have surrounding you could help improve your health and fitness? Your kitchen and pantry filled with highly processed, sugar-filled foods is setting you up for failure with whatever health goals you might have.

When you walk past the crackers, chips, cookies, or your favorite treat to binge eat...just laying around your kitchen or pantry...is hard to continually pass up. You will eventually give in to the temptation and eat these foods no matter how determined you start on your journey to a happier and healthier self. 

I am a prime example of having done this in the past. Going to the grocery store without a plan and buying one or two highly processed foods like chips, brownies or cookies. I bring them home and tell myself that I will only have a little bit of these foods during the week but in reality what happens is I cave the first couple of days of these foods being in my house and binge eat everything I just bought. 

Now the good news is that you have the power to control the urge to binge on these types of foods. Going into the grocery store and having a plan and sticking to it is one great strategy that I use. Only by buying what I have written down to avoid bringing the temptation into my house where I know it will be eaten. 

Another strategy is to get rid of your temptations already in the house and replacing them with your favorite fruits and vegetables. Having these whole foods i.e. fruits and vegetables in plain view will actually make it easier for you to snack on the good stuff and help you achieve your health goals! 

Creating this healthy environment in your home will not only impact you, but everyone else in your house and who doesn’t want their family members to be happy and healthy as well!


Coach + Trainer