Strength & Fitness

Why Do I Lift Weights?

I’ve thought about this a lot recently… Why do I lift weights?

Besides the physical benefits such as bone density, muscle gain, and fat loss.

There are so many mental gains that are a big part of what keeps me coming back.

I’ve tried Yoga, POP Pilates, running, and dance. And none of them gave me the effects that I desired.

One of the reasons I love lifting is because I get the opportunity to push past my limiting beliefs of what I am capable of. 

When I walk up to the barbell thinking I can't, but the moment I touch the bar, I know I will … and then I do. It may not always look pretty (my lifting face is definitely not the best 😆), but when I complete the movement I have successfully made that inner voice that says “You can’t do this”  stop talking.

And you know what? If I miss the lift I’m still happy. 


Because I TRIED! Lifting has taught me to keep trying. I don’t fear not hitting a certain rep count, weight, or doing it imperfectly. 

I fear not even trying.

I believe the worst would be to listen to that voice that says you can’t. 

Getting up and trying … that’s a WIN because effort, in the long haul, is rewarded. 

The effort I put in at the gym trains me to go out and put in that same effort at my job and in my relationships. 

Lifting weights teaches me to try, fail, learn, and succeed.

Isn’t that life? 

Ever since I started lifting weights I have found my “I can” voice.

I’ve experienced a boost in self confidence from the hard work it takes to show up and put in the work.

I feel empowered, and I carry that feeling with me into my day to day life.

And as a female who received the messages “If I lift I will get bulky” and “ That’s for the guys.”

 I call bullcrap. 

Lifting is for everyone. And it takes a lot of intentional work to get really muscular as a female sooooo let's just debunk that. 

I am on a mission to spread the word. 

Get moving and lift weights!

If you are someone who hits the weights then you already know the benefits that come with it. And so I challenge you to help spread the word. Let those you care about know the importance of working out and lifting weights! 

Together I believe we can create a world where health and movement are a priority.

Happy lifting friends.