Why Kickstart? Not your average "New and Improved Challenge"

Most of us have seen posts on social media from different fitness or wellness businesses describing a “New and Improved Challenge”.  There are many out there, but why have these become so popular?

I can’t speak for the other guys, but at FitELITE we choose to run a 6 Week Kickstart “challenge” a couple times a year because it provides a laser focused time frame to build life long healthy habits.  The 6 weeks is NOT meant as the end all be all, it is just the start of something bigger.

Whenever one finds themselves in a state of change, breaking habits or building habits, they always need support and accountability to make the change stick.  That is exactly what our Kickstart is.

People finish the 6 weeks with a healthier outlook on eating, more confidence, a happier family life and yes losing weight.  Losing weight is one thing, but improved body composition is something much more powerful.  Regardless of what the scale says, if a person has less fat, more muscle and feels better… that’s a win!

What goal is a goal that you have set for yourself?   One that feels out of reach?  One that you don’t tell people because you are embarrassed or because you don’t think you will actually get there?

Envision yourself in 6 months or in a year, having accomplished that goal.  How do you think that will feel?  The only way to know is to take a small step today.  Decide what you can to NOW to get you headed in the direction of happiness.  Remember the hard work you put in today, rarely gives you results tomorrow, but it will compound into amazing things in the months to come.

Coach Jeremy Huisheere